TurtleFeather True Nature is a very unique organization that presents ‘choice-based’, ‘women-specific’, wilderness outings, that will increase your wilderness skills, refresh your spirit, allow you to reconnect with your wild side, reflect on your needs, revive your power to create…. and most of all, enable you to relax and tune into the natural rhythm of the world around you.

Founder and executive director, Lesley Blackmore has enjoyed the outdoors since she was a child, from discovering the wonders of a tidal pool, to hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, camping and canoeing throughout Canada. She’s refined her skills by attending the Humber College Outdoor Education Program and has become a competent outdoorsperson. She’s a certified hike leader, CPR instructor, mental and physical first-aid trained (W-EMT) and is ORCKA certified in canoeing.

Turtlefeather True Nature is a
federal ‘not for profit’ organization.

We work very hard to make our wilderness experiences as accessible to as many women and girls as we possibly can. We dedicate tremendous resources into securing individual donors, engaging corporate sponsors and soliciting foundation grants. We strive to keep our women’s prices very competitive along with directing a portion of fees to support our Beyond Survival programs and retreats.

Lesley has led numerous outdoor excursions that emphasize safety, eco-awareness, self-reliance and the healing power of nature. She has had the privilege of working with renowned outdoorsman Survivorman Les Stroud on Project: Ultimate Survivor (with the Toronto Police Service). As a past keynote speaker for the Peel Committee Against Women Abuse, Lesley believes ‘sharing is power’.

TurtleFeather True Nature is an extension of Lesley’s belief and personal experience that growth can begin with a walk in the woods…